Monday, March 31, 2008

"The Spirituality of the Cellphone"

I just returned from teaching at Mars Hill. It was incredible. What amazed me the most was the capacity of that many people (maybe 8,000 all told) to engage a 45 minute teaching on "The Spirituality of the Cellphone." Mind you, this included material not often found in the pulpit--you know, extensive McLuhan theory, cultural analysis, etc. Who are these people? It says a lot about them and what Rob Bell has helped create. Truly amazing. I was honored and blessed.

I also did a two hour teaching for the Mars Hill staff on "The Electronic Gospel: Why Changing the Methods Always Changes the Message." They were a delight, very bright people. Of course, by the end of it all I was spent. I don't understand how Rob (or anyone else for that matter) does three services at that scale every week. It renewed my appreciation for the simplicity of a single service. Looking forward to the more modest 20 minute sermons I get to do back home.


Joel said...

I just listened to you on the Mars Hill podcast and wanted to say thanks for your thoughts. Very interesting and insightful. I'm looking forward to checking out your book for more. Thanks.

Tommy said...

I too listened to the podcast and I was floored. I am also very pleased to find that you have a blog. I never really thought of the connection between the content and the medium, and you really opened my eyes. Oh, by the way, my email and Xbox Live gamertag is Balaamsdonkey (well the XBL tagg is Ba1aamsdonkey but whats the diff?)Anyway, I plan on following you blog and will most likley be purchasing your book.

Jp said...

Heard you on Mars Hills podcast and had to dig deeper. I was blown away by the content. I cut tv shows for a Christian channel, so the message hit close to home. It has changed the way I think about my art, but also about how I want to conect with my friends. It is a wonderfull day we live in but Im now scared about how different my daughter will grow up. I guess its like everything else in this world, technology is a gift that can curse you if your not balanced. I can't wait to get your book in the mail.

russell said...

Hi Shane-
I'd heard about you from my friend Matt Shedden a while back, and was excited to see your name pop up on the Mars Hill archives. I just finished listening to your talk in Michigan. Great words. Thanks for sharing.
I didn't know that you worked for Porsche, though... The passion that goes into their engineering, and how they seek to bring the racing soul into their road cars is so inspiring to me. I can imagine that there's a huge leap between Porsche culture and Mennonite culture, but does any of what they do still stick with you and inspire you today?
Blessings, and thanks again for sharing!

vk said...

I think it does inspire you, and here is why.
When one knows the effectiveness of the enemy and their decietful methods- flight or fight mode kicks in.

You seem to definately be in fight mode. It seems to me that for starters you are trying to expose these methodologies! I love it!

Just my opinion.
Vincent Klug

Eph. 5:15-20

Anonymous said...



Anne Jackson said...


I'm a fellow Z author and really appreciated this message. What you said both challenged and confirmed some of the things I've been asking lately, both of myself and the Church. I need to pick up a copy and I look forward to meeting you at NPC.

Anne Jackson

Steven said...

Hey Shane,

I am listening to your podcast from Mars Hill in my car at the moment and I am blown away. I would love to know what ad's you used as parables - are they available on youtube or something like that - I really want to use the cellphone wedding one in a sermon.

Thanks for the inspiration

Hanan Merrill said...

Some here have mentioned listening to you on the Mars Hill podcast. I can't seem to find it. Can someone please give me a link to this talk?

Hanan Merrill said...

Some here have mentioned listening to you on the Mars Hill podcast. I can't seem to find it. Can someone please give me a link to this talk?

Steven said...

It's available for download at