Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mars Hill and Q

I'll be preaching at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI on March 30th, and then doing a workshop on my book for their staff and some area pastors Monday March 31st. If you're in the neighborhood drop by.

Also, April 10 and 11 I'm speaking at Q in Manhattan.


Arizona Bam said...

Awesome... sounds like some fun trips in your near future. I'll be looking forward to listening in on the Mars Hill podcast.


steve said...


i'm looking forward to hearing you again this Sunday. thanks for being willing to leave the nice weather and come join us in the cold.

steve carter

kyle joshua said...

I'm stoked. I'm close to done with your book and really like it. I'll be there tomorrow - maybe twice to soak it all in.

Kyle Nolan

Process: said...
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Kirk said...

Loved what you had to say today at Mars. It will take a few days for me to get my head around some of what you talked about, that is always fun.

Look forward to reading your book.

Kirk Senkowski

EWilson said...

Thank you for coming to Mars Hill on Sunday. What you had to say was fascinating and convicting.


Kyle Nolan said...

The sermon was great, and I'm almost done with your book, too. I love it. My major is writing so I'm fascinated by communication. Thanks for coming!

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