Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poets, Prophets, and Preachers

I'll be speaking at this conference put on by Rob Bell July 5-7 of this year. Pete Rollins will also be there. These are both superb thinkers, I'm delighted to get a chance to present but equally thrilled to sit in the audience and be enlightened. I've never met Pete, I'm looking forward to it. If you're remotely interested in helping resuscitate the very tired art form of preaching this is a must.

Rob will do about six sessions, I'll be doing these two:

How Technology Shapes the Sermon: the art of preaching evolves with every new technological innovation in a culture. do you know what is being done and undone by our technologies?

You Are the Medium: an exploration of the human being as God's ultimate medium for his message. if the medium is the message, and you as a person are the medium, then what does that say about the message?

I will also be preaching at Mars Hill on the two Sundays that bookend the event (July 5 and 13). A very full, but exciting week. What better excuse is there to flee the misery of Phoenix in July.


Adam said...

Not sure if this is the best place to ask a question about a concept in Flickering Pixels, but its seems like the only sensible option.

On pp. 98-99, you tell the story of a video-venue pastor preaching on character and talent, using a dictionary and whipped cream as an analogy.

I fully agree with your argument that the videocasting the pastor prioritizes talent over character no matter what he's saying to the contrary. But my question is, How is that different from a pastor who stands in front of a live audience every week without the videocast? It seems like his being up front, on stage, presentationally, still prioritzes talent over character.

Do you see a difference in this regard between being on stage and being on video?

Thanks for your thoughts.


Unknown said...

Hi Shane! Wow, I am so excited that one of our leaders in an emerging church plant in our community "found" you!
What a wonderful opportunity to share at this event! I met Pete Rollins at the Emerging Church event in Memphis in December. The conversation is stimulating, energizing, provocative and exhilarating. I will visit you often!
I worship at a Mennonite church in Central PA where we are birthing a new church...I am so excited! I also write and have a Bible Study being released this summer, Undoing Church:Discovering Faith, Not Your Mother's Bible Study. I was hoping to get Rob's endorsement, but he is too booked. Pete is taking a look. It is fabulous to be part of the growing conversation of faith and shaping the culture.

Peace, Kathy

Rielly said...


I just sat through your first session at PPP. Thank you for passing on your passion! You gave me multiple angles to look at the issues, I really appreciate your way of presenting the issues without trying to create a "tribe" of a certain viewpoint.

Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon!


Randy said...

Mr. Hipps, I bought Flickering Pixels but I was wondering if you could link me to the slides that you showed with the company logos and how they get hard to read? Thank you.

shannoncaroland said...
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shannoncaroland said...

Shane, I still reeling from the PPP conference. I appreciate the passion and knowledge you brought, especially in the first presentation.

May I request a blog post about the bodies, particularly the essential body? I came away pretty confused, and would like read a fuller explanation. What is my essence? In what ways is it like/connected with others' essence? God's essence?

Mrs. Smith said...

really enjoyed your talks. going through your book now. thought you might like this video: