Monday, February 2, 2009

Flickering Pixels

My new book is out this month.  It is the story of how our technologies shape us in unexpected ways without our permission or knowledge.  Available now at Amazon and other retailers.

For those who read my first book, the Hidden Power of Electronic Culture, some of the themes will be familiar.  However in my speaking and travels, I heard a chorus of voices hungry to know how the connections made there applied to the rest of us, not just church leaders.  About a third of Flickering Pixels draws material from the Hidden Power but is significantly rewritten for a general reading audience.  The remaining two thirds of Flickering Pixels is new material focussed on broader issues of life and faith.  Hope you enjoy.

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Adam said...

I already picked it up. Saw it in the store on Saturday. I also tried to pick up the cashier, but the book is the only thing I left with. Looking forward to reading it.